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NOT MAINTAINED! The files for the course in LaTeX for Theses at the University of Manchester.
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This is a template for typesetting theses at the University of Manchester.

This document is adapted from the template provided by the School of Mathematics, University of Manchester (last updated 13th August, 2013). It was merged with another document, originally provided by Electronics & Computer Science at the University of Southampton, but was extensively modified by a number of postgraduates in Geography & Environment at the University of Southampton through the years. These folks include Chris Hackney, followed by Tom Bishop and Robin Wilson. Gerard Capes and Tom Bishop produced this version of the template in 2016.

All of the materials here are licenced under CC-BY-SA v4.0 in lieu of any explicit licencing of the original material; see: for more details.

BibTeX branch

This branch uses BibTeX for referencing, while the other branch uses Biber. Biber is newer and has more advanced features. BibTeX can be simpler to set up, especially for teaching where the desktop environment is more controlled than on a typical user's machine.

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