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ErgoDox EZ Keymap

Tom de Bruijn's ErgoDox EZ keymap.

This is a keymap used by the qmk_firmware using revision d8253b83e81086514a72fe0dfde7e75c047cccc2.

This works on the ErgoDox EZ Shine and an ErgoDox EZ from 2016.

The keymap contains multiple layers. There are ASCII "images" of each layer in the keymap.c file.

  • Layer 0 - Base layer
    • ErgoDox QWERTY keyboard
    • Modifier keys are different
  • Layer 1 - Symbol layer
  • Layer 2 - Media layer
    • Media controls
    • Arrow keys
  • Layer 3 - App and window management layer
  • Layer 4 - RGB light configuration layer
    • Only works on the ErgoDox EZ Shine
  • Layer 5 - Mouse controls layer


The keymap in this repository is to be used in combination with the qmk_firmware repository.

Modify the keymap.c file to change the keyboard layout and layers.

Installing keymap

  1. Clone the qmk_firmware repository.
  2. Follow the installation instruction on the qmk_firmware repository.
  3. Clone this repository in the following directory inside the qmk_firmware repository:
    • keyboards/ergodox_ez/keymaps/tombruijn/
  4. Start teensy and set teensy to automatic.
  5. Modify keymap, if necessary.
  6. Run the following command inside the qmk_firmware root directory.
    • make ergodox_ez:tombruijn
  7. Point teensy to use the generated hex file. (Only have to do this once per teensy start.)
  8. Press the teensy button on the keyboard with a paperclip.
  9. The ErgoDox EZ will restart with the new keymap.

Repeat steps 5-9 until happy :)


My ErgoDox EZ keymap






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