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Book manager in Ruby for Markdown files. Exports to PDF through Prawn.
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Book manager for Markdown files in Ruby. Exports to PDF using the Ruby Prawn library.

Currently Kotoba is still in development. It is not stable at all or feature ready yet. See the GitHub issue tracker for the current status of features and plans.
Use the this quick overview issue during initial development.


First install the gem:

gem install kotoba

Then create a new Kotoba project:

kotoba new <my book>


Kotoba is controlled from the command line. kotoba help gives a quick overview of the available commands.

Create a project

To create your first project run the following command:

kotoba new <my book>

This creates a config.rb file (see config below), a Gemfile and a directory structure. You'll see there's a chapters/ directory. This is where Kotoba will look for the content of your book in Markdown files. It will read them in in alphabetical order and combine them on export.

Writing your book

Write your book in Markdown files. It's easy enough to start since you can use your own editor. Create a new file in the chapters/ directory to get started. Alternatively, if you like more management of your files, create subdirectories for each chapter and place your files in each directory.


- config.rb
- Gemfile
- chapters/
  - 01_intro/
  - 02_hello/
- assets/
  - fonts/
    - OpenSans-Regular.ttf

Note: Kotoba uses a alphabetic sorting, which pretty closely resembles most operating systems' sorting. Numbers and symbols are sorted before letters. Other than for sorting purposes it does not matter what your files are called.

TODO: Explain how Markdown metadata works and how this can be useful in combination with the server.


kotoba export

The goal of Kotoba is to provide an easy way to export Markdown files to PDF. With the kotoba export command you will export your book to PDF.

An export will create a build/ directory in your project's root if none exists. It will place the export result into this directory when it is done.


  1. Ruby >= 1.9

Supported exports


  • Export Markdown to PDF!
  • Use your own editor!
  • Customize the layout and styling of your book.
  • Add your own fonts to the PDF export.
  • Generate a Table of Contents. - TODO


TODO: List all options with default values and explain how default settings work.


require "kotoba"

Kotoba.config do |config|
  # Set the title of your book
  config.title = "Preview book"
  # Subject
  config.subject = "Subject of preview book"
  # List the authors of the book
  config.authors = ["Tom de Bruijn"]
  # Keywords
  config.keywords = "preview book prawn pdf kotoba"
  # Creator
  config.creator = "Creator of this book"
  # Producer
  config.producer = "Kotoba using Prawn"
  # Custom metadata
  config.metadata = {
    :Foo => "Bar"
  # Start the first file of a directory on a new page
  config.chapter_on_new_page = true
  # Space between sections
  config.section_spacing =

  # Declare the filename you wish to have it export to
  config.filename = "preview-book"
  # Declare which exports to use
  config.export_to :pdf

  # Add your own fonts
  # Add the font files to `book/assets/fonts/`
  config.add_font "OpenSans", {
    normal: "OpenSans-Regular.ttf",
    italic: "OpenSans-Italic.ttf",
    bold: "OpenSans-Bold.ttf",
    bold_italic: "OpenSans-BoldItalic.ttf"

  # Define the default style (optional)
  config.layout do |l|
    # Page size, uses Prawn's known formats
    l.size = "LETTER"
    # Or use the more customizable settings with and height
    # Page width and height
    l.width =
    l.height =
    # Page margins (text distance from page edges)
    l.margin do |m| =
      m.bottom =
      m.inner =
      m.outer =

    # Default styling for any text in the PDF
    l.default do |d|
      d.font = "Times-Bold" # Has to be a Prawn supplied font or your own.
      d.color = "FF0000"
      d.size =
      d.line_height = = [:bold] # bold, italic, not supported yet

    # Styling for paragraphs
    # A paragraph is everything not a different element
    l.paragraph do |p|
      p.indent = false # true/false
      p.indent_with = # Distance to indent with
      p.book_indent = true # true/false, don't indent first paragraph (novels)

    # Define styling for headings
    # heading count can go as high as markdown supports
    l.heading 1 do |h|
      h.size =
    l.heading 2 do |h|
      h.size =

    # Unordered lists
    l.unordered_list do |li|
      li.indent =
      li.prefix = "-> " # Default: "- "

    # Ordered lists
    l.ordered_list do |li|
      li.indent =
      li.prefix = "{n}) " # Default: "{n}. "

    # Inline code and code blocks
    l.code do |c|
      c.indent =

    # Blockquotes
    l.quote do |q|
      q.indent =

    # Define headers and footers
    # Headers and footers are recurring elements that will be placed on
    # every page
    l.header do |h|
      # Automatic page numbering
      h.page_numbering do |n| = true # true/false, default: false
        n.align = :right # left, center, right
        n.string = "Page <page> of <total>"
      # Add additional content to the header
      # Will give the prawn object that can be used to write text, etc.
      h.content do |prawn|
        prawn.text "I'm a header", :align => :left

    # Define footers
    l.footer do |f|
      f.color = "FF0000"
      f.page_numbering do |n| = true
        n.align = :right

      f.content do |prawn|
        prawn.text "Hello footer!", :align => :left

  # Special layout for the first page
  # layout_for accepts integers, ranges and arrays of integers
  config.layout_for 1 do |l|
    l.paragraph do |p|
      p.indent = true


Kotoba released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.

Fonts added to the repository are used for testing only and have their own license. These licenses are in the same directories as the fonts. They are not meant to expand Prawn's default fontset.

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