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Commits on Nov 30, 2013
@lhotari lhotari Move CacheEntry class to grails-core so that it can be reused 039d2fd
@lhotari lhotari Add "cache storm safe" helper method for retrieving values from Concu…
…rrentMap that uses CacheEntry
@lhotari lhotari Make it possible to use custom CacheEntry class when using getValue h…
…elper method
@lhotari lhotari migrate to grails.util.CacheEntry that is "cache storm" safe 3621d7d
@lhotari lhotari Copy…
…ageSource to Grails
@lhotari lhotari Add support for non-expiring entries af1bb1a
@lhotari lhotari Add possibility to reset timestamp in sub-class of CacheEntry's when …
…shouldUpdate returns false
@lhotari lhotari fixup CacheEntry 1c07288
@lhotari lhotari non-blocking version of ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource 69207d0
@lhotari lhotari add separate fileCacheMillis setting to optimized ReloadableResourceB…

- cacheMillis is now for caching the scanning of properties files
- fileCacheMillis is the interval for checking the file for modifications
@lhotari lhotari Use Grails version of ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource for Plugi…
@lhotari lhotari Reformat ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource 596eb19
@lhotari lhotari Fix putIfAbsent usage in CacheEntry f07fdf5
@lhotari lhotari replace setPluginCacheMillis with setPluginCacheSeconds for consisten…
…ce with other cache timeout settings
@lhotari lhotari Make inner class static 168707a
@lhotari lhotari Add callback for creating CacheEntry instance 4c63d13
@lhotari lhotari use CacheEntry callback instead of reflection for entry creation da431b4
@lhotari lhotari GRAILS-10852 Add caching for binary plugin i18n lookups b4da99a
@lhotari lhotari Add config property grails.i18n.filecache.seconds
- Set the number of seconds to cache loaded properties files.
grails.i18n.cache.seconds is now
- Set the number of seconds to cache the list of matching properties files.
@lhotari lhotari Evaluate plugin properties in the same order as in the previous version 2520725
@lhotari lhotari Binary plugin properties weren't used when caching is disabled eaba979
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