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head fork: tombujok/grails-core
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Commits on Apr 04, 2013
@lhotari lhotari improve StringCharBuffer encoding support
with double-encoding prevention
@lhotari lhotari make encoding support generic 3e022a7
@lhotari lhotari mark encoders transient 00bcdae
@lhotari lhotari make double-encoding prevention generic for any Codec a73b371
@lhotari lhotari support other than String source values for encoding fa74941
@lhotari lhotari add more tests and prevent double encoding when SCBs are merged 8a40863
@lhotari lhotari move Encoder interfaces to 9ec2df2
@lhotari lhotari fix compiler warning 7a53245
@lhotari lhotari replace GrailsWebRequest lookup code 7d50b0f
@lhotari lhotari remove unused import 72d14e1
@lhotari lhotari refactor to use new codec interfaces 95de99a
@lhotari lhotari remove call to HTMLCodec.shouldEncode 73ed95c
@lhotari lhotari remove obsolete TagResolver interface b02eb05
@lhotari lhotari support implementing Encoder/Decoder interfaces directly 579ff2f
@lhotari lhotari Add initial support for RawCodec, refactor EncodingState impl af5fa33
@lhotari lhotari Implement RawCodec that prevents encoding with any other codec f053014
@lhotari lhotari move DefaultEncodingState from GrailsWebRequest to separate file in g…
@lhotari lhotari refactor HTMLCodec instantiation 7115009
@lhotari lhotari refactor EncodedWriter from StreamCharBuffer to grails-core as Encode…
@lhotari lhotari remove EncodingTags class 84869f0
@lhotari lhotari add missing refactoring from previous commits c937e10
@lhotari lhotari fix NPE in tests 8bcf321
@lhotari lhotari minor refactoring in SCB e6f0177
@lhotari lhotari refactoring EncodingState->EncodingStateRegistry fb4b84e
@lhotari lhotari started work on HTMLCodec's StreamingEncoder implementation 625073c
@lhotari lhotari fast HTML encoding 19b67b6
@lhotari lhotari fix bug in HTMLCodec d454b3a
@lhotari lhotari Fix NPE in SCB 886aae6
@lhotari lhotari Implement streamed HTML4 codec and EscapedXML codec. a734fdd
@lhotari lhotari use " escaping for quotes. ffde9fb
@lhotari lhotari test for streaming HTMLEncoder cd39f72
@lhotari lhotari also test HTML4 and EscapedXML encoders a3361af
@lhotari lhotari implement streaming encoding in CodecPrintWriter 1e4db0a
@lhotari lhotari test HTML4Codec too 2ebbca6
@lhotari lhotari Fix typo 22edaac
@lhotari lhotari revise the "escaped" characters in XML/XHTML.
Use   instead of   since it's also valid in xml.
@lhotari lhotari encoding writer / streaming implementation 32f05e5
@lhotari lhotari use EncodedAppenderWriter solely for looking up String encoding state a5a6a8e
@lhotari lhotari Fix bug in SCB, Writable's writeTo should return the writer passed as…
… argument
@lhotari lhotari support encoding SCB sub-buffers in streaming mode 250f605
@lhotari lhotari Fix failing tests, add support for encoder in GroovyPageTagWriter 0a5b557
@lhotari lhotari refactor CodecPrintWriter 0b78484
@lhotari lhotari started working on codecOut ec3e9fa
@lhotari lhotari Fix codecOut implementation b42d696
@lhotari lhotari Fix bug in SCB buffer allocation when encoding changes
- reduces memory consumption
@lhotari lhotari add GroovyObject implementation to speed up Groovy calls 0aa0b28
@lhotari lhotari organize imports 3a1990d
@lhotari lhotari remove unused variable 0f30843
@lhotari lhotari Fix buffer allocation bug in SCB f3a64fe
@lhotari lhotari optimize allocation in SCB's "connected mode" 74456ad
@lhotari lhotari add JDK7 support to StringCharArrayAccessor e691fb8
@lhotari lhotari remove encoder setter from EncoderAware interface df89de5
@lhotari lhotari register encodeAs/decodeAs methods directly to most commonly used cla…
@lhotari lhotari initial support for 3 different encoding writers in GSPs
- template writer - writes static html
- page writer - the "out" writer in <% %> and <%= %> scriptlets
- values writer - the writer using "defaultCodec" of the page, used in ${}
@lhotari lhotari fix failing tests d85a1a1
@lhotari lhotari fix imports de8df8e
@lhotari lhotari Fix failing tests 74b7ca7
@lhotari lhotari Fix failing tests 60ebe35
@lhotari lhotari use templateOut for writing static html content d72e2f0
@lhotari lhotari optimizations for SCB connected mode 9f7a7dc
@lhotari lhotari implement withCodec('codec'){ ... } statement and applyCodec tag 2cb0854
@lhotari lhotari minor cleanup fix to SCB cda56c4
@lhotari lhotari rename EncoderAwareWriterFactory -> EncodedAppenderWriterFactory
implement EncodedAppenderWriterFactory in EncodedAppenderWriter (fixes re-encoding bug)
remove unused EncoderAware interface
@lhotari lhotari change pageEncoding and defaultEncoding by default 72b992e
@lhotari lhotari not required anymore 4191e13
@lhotari lhotari encodeAs attribute implementation for taglibs ef28834
@lhotari lhotari implement encodeAs and support passing map as argument to configure a…
…ll 3 encoders separately

refactor out EncodedAppender implementation base class
implement EncodedAppender that writes to Writer
add EncodedAppenderFactory to mark a Writer that has a EncodedAppender available
@lhotari lhotari optimization to not add encoding state to output if in connected mode…
… and not connected to any encoded aware targets
@lhotari lhotari use templateCodec for a special case in taglib function call 8ba10e1
@lhotari lhotari implement encodeAs for taglib function calls. Add support for specify…
…ing default encodeAs attribute for tags.
@lhotari lhotari rename "preventAllOthers" -> "safe" a3a20ab
@lhotari lhotari remove unnecessary getEquivalentCodecNames from Encoder interfaces 590e9cf
@lhotari lhotari add default getCodecName() impl. 627d763
@lhotari lhotari implement streaming JavaScript encoder 314e9d6
@lhotari lhotari make GrailsUnitTestMixin's mockCodec support new Encoder solution e6ddb80
@lhotari lhotari remove static encode/decode methods from HTMLCodec, fix tests 2e1dc43
@lhotari lhotari use @CompileStatic for taglib metaclass closures 395a9e2
@lhotari lhotari Fix withCodec implementation. Use it for escaping javascript in javas…
…cript and escapeJavascript tags
@lhotari lhotari simplify mockCodec and fix it in GrailsUnitTestCase 65386ec
@lhotari lhotari Fix DefaultGrailsCodecClassTests b34dc16
@lhotari lhotari fix DefaultGrailsApplicationAttributesTests ebecc97
@lhotari lhotari fix WebUtilsTests 73393c6
@lhotari lhotari fix StreamCharBufferSpec tests c095a0a
@lhotari lhotari Fix bug in appending sub-buffers, add extra check for title buffer re…
@lhotari lhotari Fix failing test c6667f9
@lhotari lhotari isolate some tests to make them pass in some cases / environments 98c974f
@lhotari lhotari keep encoding state after calling toString or serialization 5d06ae7
@lhotari lhotari minor refactoring in SCB 62cdeca
@lhotari lhotari Fix NPE in compiling GSPs eaf2080
@lhotari lhotari Fix failing tests 05d970b
@lhotari lhotari Fix performance issue with GStringImpl
fixes the side-effect of refactoring made in bcdf45e
@lhotari lhotari re-add "implements Cloneable"
it was removed by commit bcdf45e
@lhotari lhotari Isolate more tests to make them pass. 8ddef2a
@lhotari lhotari rename defaultCodec -> expressionCodec , pageCodec -> outCodec 363574d
@lhotari lhotari GRAILS-9966 Replace previous JSONCodec and XMLCodec with proper worki…
…ng versions

add aliasing feature to Codecs
- codec will be registered with multiple names, for example encodeAsJs, encodeAsJavaScript, encodeAsJSON
@lhotari lhotari Add Apache 2 license to new files afac878
@lhotari lhotari Add javadocs to new streaming encoding implementation 1a796b4
@lhotari lhotari reformat code of new files 5b64581
@lhotari lhotari Fix typo in WithCodecHelper javadoc 67915e7
Commits on Apr 07, 2013
@graemerocher graemerocher upgrade Groovy version to 2.1.2 915250b
Commits on Apr 08, 2013
@lhotari lhotari uncomment @CompileStatic and fix some compilation errors 4e3a5bc