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head fork: tombujok/grails-core
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Commits on Dec 07, 2011
@melix melix A statically checked GSP example. Very far from complete, just a proo…
…f of concept.
@melix melix A statically checked GSP example. Very far from complete, just a proo…
…f of concept.
@melix melix Merge branch 'typechecking-tests' of int…
…o typechecking-tests

Commits on Feb 24, 2012
@smaldini smaldini Merge remote-tracking branch 'melix/typechecking-tests' into groovy2
Commits on Feb 27, 2012
@smaldini smaldini ini groovy2 @CompileStatic support in Services, Controllers 552a6e8
@smaldini smaldini temp fix for gsp ad33542
Commits on Mar 03, 2012
@smaldini smaldini Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into groovy2 a6cecc5
Commits on Mar 26, 2012
@jeffbrown jeffbrown GRAILS-8884 - fix groovy jar ref in grails-macros.xml 57150a5
Burt Beckwith removed unused "influences" constant e777140
Burt Beckwith whitespace, cleanup, STS warnings 1a25afe
Burt Beckwith GRAILS-8897 disabled ehcache update check for all scripts ef80135
Burt Beckwith fixing a failing test; previous comment indicated that a PluginExcept…
…ion was expected but something apparently changed and that is no longer thrown
@bobbywarner bobbywarner GRAILS-8890: Added Support to end of path as mentioned in the JIRA 740e467
@jeffbrown jeffbrown support for new "bindable" constraint d0dc3cb
@jeffbrown jeffbrown put test class in a package 4e9036f
@jeffbrown jeffbrown bindable tests
Test that a property that is not available at compile time may still be configured as bindable
@jeffbrown jeffbrown minor databinding improvement 666fd4e
@jeffbrown jeffbrown improve ast constraint eval
When evaluating the constraints block at compile time, only method calls that are made on "this" are candidates to be considered a constraint configuration method.
@graemerocher graemerocher make tear down more tolerant to NPE c96bd6f
@graemerocher graemerocher fix problem where settings weren't correctly copied to fresh dependen…
…cy manager
@graemerocher graemerocher updated to spring loaded 1.0.4 0c8bd9b
@graemerocher graemerocher fix for GRAILS-8377 and GRAILS-8905 "Compilation errors with test-sco…
…ped plugins".. functional test to follow
@graemerocher graemerocher support for publishing to Sonatype OSS repo 4eefc40
@graemerocher graemerocher fixes signing of javadoc/source jars 4ed0c02
@graemerocher graemerocher check for existence of property before reading ee7cac0
Jonathan Pearlin Added better logging for failed attribute parsing in GSP and updated …
…dependency exclusions to make them Maven friendly.
@graemerocher graemerocher disable OSGi headers in WAR files by default 2d1b519
@houbie houbie added inject tag to ApplicationTagLib 44ca443
@graemerocher graemerocher partial fix and tests for GRAILS-8922 "Hibernate AssertionFailure whe…
…n flushing with a new invalid child object in a hasMany or hasOne relationship"
@graemerocher graemerocher fix failing tests 8baf236
@graemerocher graemerocher fix for GRAILS-8800 "GroovyCastException thrown when casting null usi…
…ng Groovy "as" operator"
@graemerocher graemerocher allow exiting the console whilst interactive mode is running 4448900
@graemerocher graemerocher disable query cache by default. Related to GRAILS-8888 b04b40c
@jeffbrown jeffbrown typo in test class name 8aa9010
@jeffbrown jeffbrown GRAILS-8273 - "as" causes InstantiationException
Removing the "fix" but leaving the tests in place.  Since the resolution of GROOVY-5210 I don't think our fix is necessary.
@jeffbrown jeffbrown put dynamically compiled test classes in a package e7c7fb1
@graemerocher graemerocher test for GRAILS-8937 b699eb2
@graemerocher graemerocher test for GRAILS-8937 9d11fe2
@graemerocher graemerocher eliminates downloading plugins-list.xml message and any useless error…
… messages related to background plugin list downloading
@graemerocher graemerocher removed dynamic compilation from test 02fa14c
@graemerocher graemerocher removal of plugin-lists.xml downloading message appearing 8433b94
@graemerocher graemerocher remove @Override annotations on interfaces d649199
@graemerocher graemerocher fix for GRAILS-8258 "Unit test with Async in Grails 2.0.0.RC1" 95d9942
@graemerocher graemerocher fix failing test 8841cfe
@graemerocher graemerocher fix failing test 51fa17a
@pledbrook pledbrook Fix GRAILS-8950: overwrite existing CSS & js files when generating docs.
Although DocPublisher would overwrite CSS, js, and image files that the user provided, it wouldn't overwrite the existing files with the ones that come from grails-doc-files.jar. When a new JAR with new files came along, the user still ended up with the old files in the generated docs unless he did a clean. So, all copies are now overwrite: true.
@pledbrook pledbrook Remove REQUIRED on 'version' attribute of plugin:is(Not)Available tags. 02d3c4d
@graemerocher graemerocher enable EMC as early as possible to prevent meta class inconsistencies…
…. fix for GRAILS-8832 "plugin dynamic methods added to a custom grails artefact are unavailable during integration testing"