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The VuePress Book
Create and publish fast, feature-rich sites in minutes
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By Tom Campbell

Thank you for reading the VuePress Book. Like VuePress, this book is free and open source.

The VuePress documentation is excellent but geared toward people with experience using static site generators. This book is for people who haven't had that privilege. It assumes little: you're expected to be familiar with using a command line but it doesn't expect you to know one in particular, so there are both Windows and Mac versions because you might be a Mac user who's forced to use a Windows system, or the other way around.

If you're still not sure why you'd want to use VuePress or even what it's for, see the introduction. Otherwise, this book is pretty much written in the order you'd create and deploy a site, so start with the tutorial.

This book is in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by any of the official VuePress team. All mistakes are the responsbility of me, the author, and I'm a chimp compared to Evan You, the creator of VuePress.


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