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Fin Tech: Home of the TripleShibe, the decentralized 3-person Dogecoin wallet.


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TLDR: EDUCATIONAL. Also FUNCTIONAL. This is a free multi-address, multi-user cryptocurrency wallet based around multi-sigs (multi-signatures). It is decentralized, meaning that everything is running in Javascript on the browser and the user keeps their own password. Also in the site is a method of receiving payments, and other assorted tools.

This project is a fork of the github project (forked in June 2016). Primarily javascript, this project does not utilize PHP or central server. Copy the whole project into a directory on your server, or locally, and it's ready to go.

Multiple multisignature wallet designs, decentralized, free, multi-user capable. The withdraw is broken down into several of the dogecoin network's principal components, allowing the user to verify at each step of the dogecoin-sending process (creating transaction, signing(s), broadcast). If you want to learn how cryptocurrency transactions work, then trying to 'verify' everything you can along the way should prove instructive. As of this writing, the minimum amount to send is 1.01 doge (1 to send, and .01 for the mining fee). Additional information can be found in the console (F12 on most browsers).

Here's a Quick Pictorial Guide (ELI5) that demonstrates basic functionality:

The dogecoin blockchain is accessed via API and two vendors: and Blockcypher is now the default (as of August 2019) as API was taken down in late 2019 due to DoS attacks.

There are three basic wallet designs: The Banking Suite, the TripleShibe, and the QuatroShibe

The first wallet is the Dogecoin Banking Suite. Pressing the 'new' button generates an account, creating two private keys, which the user must safely store themselves. This simple-to-use tool controls 6 dogecoin addresses.

TripleShibe is a functionality requiring 3 public keys, in order to preside over various types of multisigs (1/1, 1/2, 2/2, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3), these are controlled by 3 WIF (Private) Keys. If three people use the account, each controlling their own private key, they will each have their own private dogecoin address, and also shared access to dozens of multisig addresses.

The TripleShibe Instruction Manual has been translated into ten languages, and can be found in the /docs folder.

Similar to the TripleShibe, the Quatroshibe requires 4 public keys, in turn providing access to various x/4 multisigs, for up to 4 users.

The "PaySpot" enables the user to have a public-facing Address and account to receive payment, and is available with all the wallet types. Here's the PaySpot for "Dogecoin Socks For The Homeless":

Lastly, there's a tools section with additional features, including dogecoin address and multisig address creation, QR code creation, etc.

NOTE for sandy or intensely crowdfunded accounts: If it's a large transaction (over 3K or so), you might get a 'Too Big for Browser'-type error. In that case, you'll need to copy/paste the transaction, from verify to verify, from signer to signer, and then lastly copy/paste once more to broadcast.

Also NOTE, for sandy or intensely crowdfunded accounts: there is (currently) a maximum of 60 transactions (inputs) per output. (this ability has been used a few times in the 3+ year history of #DogecoinSocksForTheHomeless, which uses the original TripleShibe and PaySpot to this day).

Check out the reddit community at