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Check out the reddit community at

DOGECOINMULTISIG - A bunch of wallets and mini-programs and tools

Multiple wallet designs pare down to a single withdraw functionality. The withdraw is broken down into several of the dogecoin network's principal components, allowing the user to verify at each step of the dogecoin-sending process (creating transaction, signing(s), broadcast). This information is also logged in the console (F12 on most browsers).

Here's a Quick Pictorial Guide (ELI5) for the above functionality:

The first wallet was the Dogecoin Banking Suite. Over time, more wallets and other functionalities accumulated onto the site.

TripleShibe is a functionality requiring 3 public keys, in order to preside over various types of multisigs (1/1, 1/2, 2/2, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3), these are controlled by 3 WIF (Private) Keys. The TripleShibe Instruction Manual has been translated into several languages (/docs).

Quatroshibe is a functionality requiring 4 public keys, providing access to various x/4 multisigs.

Use the Verify option generously, if you don't know much about blockchain, then trying to 'verify' everything you can along the way should prove instructive.

P.S.: If it's a large transaction (over 3K or so), you might get a 'Too Big for Browser'-type error. In that case, you'll need to copy/paste the transaction, from verify to verify, from signer to signer, and then lastly copy/paste once more to broadcast. It's a little more cumbersome, yes. But it works.