So you want to do some work for us... clone this repository and follow the instructions to see if you pass the mustard.
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Front End Engineer Job Application

Thank you for your intrest in working with Plus 3 Network. Before we get started we need to get a feel for how well you can follow instructions and evalute your front end development skills. You will be expected to create a one page web site using the Twitter Bootstrap framework based on the provided mockup. This evaluation should take about an hour or so depending on your familuarity with each of the frameworks.


  • Use HTML5
  • All CSS should be built using the Less CSS language
  • Use Twitter Bootstrap elements as much as possible
  • Use jQuery 1.7.2+ for any custom JavaScript
  • Bonus Points: Use Backbone.js


  1. Fork this repository
  2. Create a directory named public with 3 subdirectories for your CSS, JavaScript and images – you can choose the names for these directories.
  3. Create an HTML document and name it index.html at the root of the public directory. You can name your CSS, Less and JavaScript files whatever you want as long as they are located in the directories you created in step 2.
  4. Create a one page web site base on the design in the mockup.png file.
  5. Upon completion, send a pull request for review.