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React.js Google Maps integration component

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Usage & Configuration


The changelog is automatically generated via standard-version and can be found in project root as well as npm tarball.

Demo App

Getting Help

Before doing this, did you:

  1. Read the documentation
  2. Read the source code

You can get someone's help in three ways:

  1. Ask on StackOverflow with a google-maps tag or use react-google-maps as a keyword
  2. Ask in the chat room
  3. Create a Pull Request with your solutions to your problem

Please, be noted, no one, I mean, no one, is obligated to help you in ANY means. Your time is valuable, so does our contributors. Don't waste our time posting questions like “how do I do X with React-Google-Maps” and “my code doesn't work”. This is not the primary purpose of the issue tracker. Don't abuse.

For contributors

Some simple guidelines
  • Don't manually modify lib folder. They're generated during yarn release process
  • Follow conventional-commits-specification
  • standard-version
  • Auto generated: src/macros -> src/components -> lib/components
  • Other components are manually maintained
  • Use yarn and keep yarn.lock updated in PR
  • Discuss! Discuss! Discuss!