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Serializer to_native function checks for __iter__ #564

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The objects I'm trying to serialize implements iter (I'm working witn mongoengie and the object I'm talking about is of type Document).

The method to_native ( of the class BaseSerializer, checks if the passed object is a unique object or a list and for this purpose it uses the line hasattr(obj,'iter).

For my particular case this method don't work because the implementation of iter in my native objects (mongoengine Document).

I rewrote the function in my serializer as:

def to_native(self, obj):
Serialize objects -> primitives.
if obj.class == QuerySet:
return [self.convert_object(item) for item in obj]
return self.convert_object(obj)

This is very specific for mongoengine.

Is there maybe other way to do this in a more general elegant way?

Thank you


I'm going to classify this as a bug. The current behavior is as intended, but it's not ideal, and we should really declare explicitly when a serializer is expected to iterate or not.


Fixed in master.

Version 2.2 starts the deprecation of the implicit iteration behavior. At the moment you'll need to explicitly specify many=False to force the behavior to not iterate over __iter__ style objects. By 2.4 the default value will switch from None to False.

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