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Add a FileUpload parser. #7

tomchristie opened this Issue · 6 comments

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It'd be great to have a parser class that handled PUTing binary data and treating it as a file upload.

I've discussed this in a question on stackoverflow, and almost everything needed to get this task done ought to
be outlined there...


Pasting this in from IRC for the record.

[10:55:06] "If a binary PUT request is parsed can I assume that data will be None and files should contain the uploaded file as a list ?"
[10:55:24] You'll be returning a two-tuple of (data,files)
[10:55:29] data should be an empty dict
[10:55:44] files should be a dict with a single key/val
[10:56:08] key: filename
[10:56:13] val: UploadedFile instance
[10:56:39] ic, thanks! I'll paste that somewhere so I'll remember when I start implementing.


I'll be tackling this one!


@jonasgeiregat - I'll need to tweak the parser_context dict slightly to make this happen.
Will add the following keys:

  • view
  • args
  • kwargs

Note that I may also drop meta and upload_handlers, and in preference of simply adding request instead.

I reckon the most sensible thing to do for determining the filename of the upload would be to:

  1. Default to checking the view kwargs for filename, and use that if it exists (ie developer includes a 'pathname' arg in the URLConf)
  2. Fall back to expecting a 'Content-Disposition filename=...' header see RFC2616.
  3. Otherwise, fail raising ParseError('Cannot determine filename, expected Content-Disposition header') or something like that.

Hey guys,

is it correct that the current ModelSerializers don't support File- and ImageFields yet? If so, how can I be of any help?


@markotibold - Correct. If you wanna tackle it we'd need FileFields and ImageFields (as a new ticket).
You'll probably need to make a minor API change in order to support them - field_from_native will need to take a files argument as well as the existing data argument.



@wronglink wronglink referenced this issue from a commit in wronglink/django-rest-framework
@wronglink wronglink Added FileUploadParser refs #7 0c85768
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