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Kick Assembler README

This extension allows you to interact with the Commodore 64 cross-assembler Kick Assembler.

It is a port of the Sublime Text extension by Swoffa, and all the credit should go to him and other previous authors and contributors!


The extension offers syntax highlighting and some commands to build an executable program from the assembler source code.

  • "Kick Assembler: Build" will compile the assembler code in the current open file.


You need to have Kick Assembler already installed on your machine. Kick Assembler requires Java, and you should have the java executable present in your path.

You probably also want a copy of the Vice C64 emulator if you want to run your programs!

Extension Settings

You will need to set the path to the Kick Assembler JAR file, for example:

    "kickassembler.kickAssPath": "C:\\dev\\C64\\KickAssembler\\KickAss.jar"

Known Issues

None yet.

Future releases will (hopefully) offer an integration with x64 for executing and debugging programs.

Release Notes


Initial release.