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\section{Getting SMFramework}
\subsection{Getting Dependencies}
SMFramework does not require much but it does require a few things:
\item SMFramework does not require XCode to build it but it does require the SDKs provided with xcode.
\item theos is required for the actual building.
\item ATV2 Backrow.framework and AppleTV.framework headers
\item it also requires gnutar and dpkg (for theos)
To install theos just follow the instructions on:\\
Once those instructions are followed you might want to add:
export THEOS=/opt/theos
to your .profile file so the \$THEOS variable is always set.
Once theos (and i assume Xcode) is/are installed, you need to download the Headers. Assuming we want SMFramework inside a folder: $\sim$/DVLP, we would do the following:
\item go to the folder:
cd ~/DVLP
\item get the headers from github
git clone git://
\item no step 3
\subsubsection{Gnutar and dpkg}
the easiest way would be to simply use macports. (this is the methods explained here). Once macports is installed the following steps should be followed:
\item install dpkg
sudo port install dpkg
\item install gnutar
sudo port install gnutar
\item symlink gnutar to tar
sudo ln -s /opt/local/bin/gnutar /opt/local/bin/tar
Go back to your DVLP folder and clone SMFramework:
cd ~/DVLP
git clone git://
And that's it you now have all that is required to install and compile SMFramework
\section{Building SMFramework}