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// SMFComplexDropShadowControl.h
// SMFramework
// Created by Thomas Cool on 2/28/11.
// Copyright 2011 Thomas Cool. All rights reserved.
#import "Backrow/AppleTV.h"
#import "SMFProgressBarControl.h"
#import "SMFDropShadowControl.h"
@interface SMFComplexDropShadowControl : SMFDropShadowControl {
BRControl *_bg;
BRScrollingTextBoxControl *_scrolling;
BRWaitSpinnerControl *_spinner;
SMFProgressBarControl *_progress;
BRMetadataTitleControl *_titleControl;
BOOL _pbShows;
BOOL _blocking;
BOOL _showWaitSpinner;
NSString *_title;
NSString *_subtitle;
NSMutableString *_text;
BRListControl *_list;
NSObject *delegate;
* If you want to change the title and subtitle while the control is up,
* you can just change the two properties
@property(copy)NSString *title;
@property(copy)NSString *subtitle;
@property(readonly,assign)SMFProgressBarControl *progress;
@property(readwrite,assign)BOOL blocking;
@property(readwrite,assign)NSObject *delegate;
-(void)appendToText:(NSString *)t;
//-(void)addToController:(BRController *)ctrl;
- (void)removeBlueLozenge;
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