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// SMFMoviePreviewController.h
// SMFramework
// Created by Thomas Cool on 2/6/11.
// Copyright 2011 All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#define NOSHELF
#import "SMFPhotoMethods.h"
#import "SMFThemeInfo.h"
#import "Backrow/AppleTV.h"
#import "SMFMoviePreviewDelegateDatasource.h"
@class BRControl,BRMediaShelfView;
extern NSString * const kSMFMoviePreviewTitle ;
extern NSString * const kSMFMoviePreviewSubtitle;
extern NSString * const kSMFMoviePreviewSummary;
extern NSString * const kSMFMoviePreviewPosterPath;
extern NSString * const kSMFMoviePreviewPoster;
extern NSString * const kSMFMoviePreviewHeaders;
extern NSString * const kSMFMoviePreviewColumns;
extern NSString * const kSMFMoviePreviewRating;
extern NSString * const kMoviePreviewControllerSelectionChanged;
extern NSString * const kMoviePreviewControllerNewSelectedControl;
*An intensely intricate but extremely flexible way of displaying data on screen.
*Based from Apple's way of displaying previews for movies.
*Used in both Plex (displaying Movies) and nitoTV displaying packages.
*Requires the use of a datasource to layout the data and a delegate to receive the messages
@interface SMFMoviePreviewController : BRController {
BRMetadataTitleControl *_metadataTitleControl;
BRTextControl * _summaryControl;
NSMutableArray * _buttons;
BRImageControl *_previousArrowImageControl;
BRImageControl *_nextArrowImageControl;
id _shelfControl;
id _adap;
BRCoverArtPreviewControl *_previewControl;
NSMutableDictionary *_info;
NSObject<SMFMoviePreviewControllerDatasource> *datasource;
NSObject<SMFMoviePreviewControllerDelegate> *delegate;
BOOL _summaryToggled;
BRDividerControl *_div3;
BRTextControl *_alsoWatched;
BOOL _previousArrowTurnedOn;
BOOL _nextArrowTurnedOn;
NSMutableArray *_hideList;
BRDataStoreProvider *_provider;
BOOL _usingShelfView;
///@name properties
*the datasource object
*@note needs to conform to SMFMoviePreviewControllerDatasource
@property (retain)NSObject<SMFMoviePreviewControllerDatasource>*datasource;
*the delegate object
*@note needs to conform to SMFMoviePreviewControllerDelegate
@property (retain)NSObject<SMFMoviePreviewControllerDelegate>*delegate;
///@name deprecated properties
*The shelf object. it is readonly but can be used to get the position
*of the item selected
*@bug this property is deprecated, use shelfControl instead
@property (readonly)id shelfControl;
*The buttons displayed on screen
*@note same as buttons
*@bug deprecated use buttons instead
@property (readonly)NSMutableArray *_buttons;
+(NSDictionary *)columnHeaderAttributes;
+(NSDictionary *)columnLabelAttributes;
///@name Example Delegate Methods