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// SMController.h
// SoftwareMenuFramework
// Created by Thomas Cool on 11/30/09.
// Copyright 2009 Thomas Cool. All rights reserved.
#import <Backrow/Backrow.h>
@interface BRController (Compat)
@interface SMFController : BRController {
int padding[128];
int m_screen_saver_timeout;
NSString * _title;
BRHeaderControl * _headerControl;
BRWaitSpinnerControl * _spinner;
BRImage * _image;
BRImageControl * _imageControl;
* Used to disable the screen
- (void) disableScreenSaver;
- (void) enableScreenSaver;
* getMasterFrame returns the Controller frame actually used to add the controls to.
- (CGRect)getMasterFrame;
* The following two are simply to adjust the screen size for 1080i as TV
* seems to return strange values for that size. They should be used at same time
* as getMasterFrame
- (BOOL)is1080i;
- (CGSize)sizeFor1080i;
*Method to overwrite when subclassing. THis is where all the drawing calls are made
- (void)drawSelf;
@interface SMFController (layout)
* The Following three methods provide examples of layouts and how to set them up
* You would simply call them from the draw self in the following way:
* [self layoutSpinner]
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