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An espresso sugar for ExpressionEngine 2.x

branch: kaboom

expressionengine2 Espresso Sugar

NB: This branch is built for compatibility with Espresso 2 - for Espresso 1.x you should use the master branch.

After install you will need to checkout the kaboom branch in your local repository in order for the sugar to behave as expected in Espresso 2.

This sugar has been converted from Anthony Short's ee1 sugar - the majority of the work is his, (though I think he in turn converted it from the EE TextMate bundle ). All this version does is update that sugar to work with ee2 and rename things so that it plays nice with the ee1 sugar, and add a few extra snippets. It almost certainly contains the odd bug - if you find one please do open an issue or pull request...

This sugar gives you access to the ee2 template syntax within Espresso, giving you codesense, itemizers and more.

Download and Install

Via Git (for easy updates)

  • open a terminal session
  • cd ~/Library/Application Support/Espresso/Sugars/
  • git clone git://

additional steps if you're using the Espresso 2 public beta:

  • cd expressionengine2.sugar
  • git checkout kaboom


  • Use the download link at the top of the page
  • Rename the folder that downloads to "expressionengine2.sugar"
  • Double click the sugar and it's installed.


Themed to match Anthony Short's quiet night theme

Known Bugs

  • There are duplicate auto completes in the drop-down menu. This will be fixed soon, but is there as I am getting the sugar ready to do tag-sensitive auto completes.

To Dos


From ee1 sugar

  • Text Actions
  • File Actions
  • Common Formatting dates in the codesense
  • IP to Nation
  • Referrer Tag
  • RSS Tag
  • Trackback Tag
  • Simple Commerce
  • Common Plugins
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