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I know it's not your plugin exactly, but I got this working on Grails 2.2 this morning by modifying the profiler plugin as depicted in the attached file.

In the main plugin file, add some ? to beanConfig and beanDefinition on line 85 (and I think on 86/87 just to be safe?)

then in the 'else' section below that, add a 'if(beanConfig)' block to skip that code if the beanConfig is null.

Screen shot 2012-12-22 at 1 11 34 PM

The profiler plugin is not on github or in any version control I can submit a patch to. :/

cdeszaq commented Dec 27, 2012

+1 Thanks @mgkimsal for posting the fix. I've opened a JIRA ticket to get the profiler code moved to GitHub so that others can participate, and I've linked this fix to the case for the profiler being broken in Grails v2.2.


tomdcc commented Dec 28, 2012

Hi guys. The code for the grails profiler plugin lives here: and I've already submitted a pull request which does more or less what you have done here pledbrook/grails-profiler#1

Was waiting for it to be applied before closing this issue.

Oh weird - I didn't see that. I was looking in the /grails github and didn't see it there. Hopefully Peter will add that patch and get everything updated. I'd have submitted it myself but didn't know where too. The page for profiler should have the 'source' link updated too.


tomdcc commented Jul 5, 2013

Peter Ledbrook has merged the issue but not released the profiler plugin since then. In the meantime, you can build it from github and it will work fine.

@tomdcc tomdcc closed this Jul 5, 2013

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