A simple chatroom webapp using node.js and websockets
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This is a really simple proof-of-concept chat app using websockets, written in node.js with socket.io and express. No database involved!

You can see a live demo at http://tomds-chatroom.jit.su/, hosted on nodejitsu, which as far as I can tell from my limited experience, is excellent :)

What it does

As I say, it is a very basic implementation and not a fully-featured chat app. Features include:

  • Send messages to everyone (no private messaging)
  • See who else is connected
  • Change your username (checks for username invalid, in use etc.)
  • Username remembered in a cookie for next time (you get a guest username the first time you log in)

There is no logging or history of any kind; if you reload the page then you lose your chat history. And there's no private messaging or multiple channels.


Assuming you already have node.js installed, go to your checkout and type:

npm install

Then run the server with:

node server.js

You should now have a server running on localhost:8000.


I have successfully deployed this code to nodejitsu and heroku, although I would recommend nodejitsu as heroku didn't seem to work very well, possibly due to dodgy websockets support.