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Library code for pandoc-fignos/eqnos/tablenos.
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pandoc-xnos 1.2.0

pandoc-xnos provides library code for the pandoc-fignos/eqnos/tablenos filters.

I am pleased to receive bug reports and feature requests on the project's Issues tracker.


Below is a short summary of what is available. More details are given in the function docstrings.


  • STRTYPES - a list of string types for this python version
  • STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR - streams for use with pandoc

Utility functions

  • init() - Determines and returns the pandoc version
  • check_bool() - Used to check if a variable is boolean
  • get_meta() - Retrieves variables from a document's metadata

Element list functions

  • quotify() - Changes Quoted elements to quoted strings
  • dollarfy() - Changes Math elements to dollared strings
  • extract_attrs() - Extracts attribute strings

Actions and their factory functions

  • join_strings() - Joins adjacent strings in a pandoc document
  • repair_refs() - Repairs broken Cite elements in a document
  • process_refs_factory() - Makes functions that process references
  • replace_refs_factory() - Makes functions that replace refs with format-specific content
  • attach_attrs_factory() - Makes functions that attach attributes to elements
  • detach_attrs_factory() - Makes functions that detach attributes from elements
  • insert_secnos_factory() - Makes functions that insert section numbers into attributes
  • delete_secnos_factory() - Makes functions that delete section numbers from attributes
  • insert_rawblocks_factory() - Makes function to insert non-duplicate RawBlock elements.
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