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@@ -8,6 +8,13 @@ A collection of links to some tools/libraries that might be useful ...
[cube]( - Square's timeseries visualization system.
[incanter]( - Clojure-based, R-like statistical computing and graphics environment for the JVM.
[Nimrod]( - Log-processing based metrics server.
+[Impure]( - A visual programming language aimed to gather, process and visualize information.
+[Gephi]( - Visualization explotation platform.
+[Metis]( - Ruby implementation of Nagios NRPE.
+[Weave]( - Web-based Analysis and Visualization Environment.
+[TMUX]( - Terminal multiplexer (screen replacement).
+[Polycode]( - 2D/3D graphics framework for 'creative code'.
+[Undercover]( - Code coverage tool for JVM-based languages.
# Libraries
@@ -16,7 +23,19 @@ A collection of links to some tools/libraries that might be useful ...
[great-expectations]( - Jasmine-style matchers library for unit testing in Java.
[crunch]( - MapReduce pipeline library.
[parboiled]( - PEG parser library for Java/Scala.
-[finagle][] - Twitter's RPC framework for the JVM.
+[finagle]( - Twitter's RPC framework for the JVM.
[columnal]( - CSS grid system for responsive web design.
[MADlib]( - In-database analytics library.
[Spark]( - Cluster computing framework in Scala.
+[PolyMaps]( - A javascript library for making interactive maps in web browsers.
+[kestrel]( - Twitter's distributed MQ system.
+[GoldenOrb]( - Open-source Pregel implementation.
+[LevelDB]( - Key-value storage library.
+[Goliath]( - Ruby non-blocking web server framework.
+[Freud]( - Library for writing static analysis tests for Java.
+[totallylazy]( - Functional library for Java.
+[Spark]( - Sinatra-like micro web framework for Java.
+[JSONSelect]( - Javascript library with CSS-like selectors for JSON.
+[kiama]( - Scala library for language processing.
+[lambdaj]( - Functional collections library for Java.
+[HawtDispatch]( - Thread pooling & NIO event notification library for Java/Scala.

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