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ToME is a rogue-like game.


Getting Started


See below for specific distribution-specific hints, if needed.

You will need to have the following libraries installed on your system somewhere where CMake can find them:

Version requirements may vary somewhat, but usually you should be aiming for having at least a recent version of the above libraries.

Option 1: Running In-Place

This is currently the recommended option, but it means that you don't 'install' ToME as such, you just run it from the build directory.

To configure for your system, run

$ cmake .
$ make

You should now be able to run one of the executables in ./src to run ToME. For example, you'd run

$ ./src/tome-x11

to start ToME with the X11 frontend.

Important: The current working directory must be at the root of the source tree for the above command to run -- if it isn't, then you'll get mysterious errors about ToME not being able to find files (at best).

Option 2: Installing System-Wide

To configure for your system, run

$ cmake -DSYSTEM_INSTALL:BOOL=true .
$ make
$ sudo make install

You can now run ToME from anywhere and it will always use the files installed in the system-specific location.

Compiling on Ubuntu

To compile on an Ubuntu install, you'll need at least the

  • cmake
  • build-essential
  • libboost-all-dev


Each frontend requires the additional packages listed below:

  • X11: libx11-dev
  • ncurses: libncurses5-dev

Compiling on OpenBSD

As of February 2010, the OpenBSD package cmake-2.4.8p2 is too old for building ToME. You may need to compile a newer version of CMake.

If you have X11, then a bug in CMake may cause a linker error when linking the executable. As a workaround, set the environment variable LDFLAGS when running CMake. Example:

$ env LDFLAGS=-L/usr/X11R6/lib cmake .
$ make

Compiling on Windows using MinGW

The source MUST be unpacked in a directory without spaces in the name.

To configure and compile on Windows using MinGW, use the commands

$ cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles"
$ mingw32-make


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