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This project contains all the source code of examples for "Practical Unit Testing with TestNG and Mockito".

See the book’s website:

Import project to your IDE


First you need to generate Eclipse project files. If you have Gradle installed then type

gradle eclipse

In other cases (this will take some time - first Gradle will be downloaded):

./gradlew eclipse

After this you can import this project to Eclipse as any other project (File / Import / General / Existing Project into Workspace). As far as I know (not being an Eclipse guru!) you need to import each project individually.

IntelliJ IDEA

You can import files by choosing:

  • File / New Project / Import project from external module

  • select Gradle

  • and then select build.gradle file


For your convenience all exercises are kept in separate dirs with names like "chp_X_exercise_name" where X is the chapter number:

TODO more of them in examples

  • Chapter 2 "Developers Tests"

  • Chapter 3 "Unit Tests with no Collaborators"

  • Chapter 4 "Test Driven Development"

  • Chapter 5 "Mocks, Stubs, Test Spies"

  • Chapter 6 "Things You Should Know"

  • Chapter 7 "Points of Controversy"

  • Chapter 8 "Getting Feedback"

  • Chapter 9 "Organization of Tests"

  • Chapter 10 "Maintainable Tests"

  • Chapter 11 "Test Quality"

Some tests fail - yes, on purpose



Source code of the examples from "Practical Unit Testing with TestNG and Mockito"



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