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Implementation of a fancy TestNG reporter (IReporter) which visualizes test dependencies as a diagram (Dot / Graphviz). For more information (and some examples):

* read this blog post:
* and some mailing list discussions:


Work in progress!

Create JAR

To produce JAR with reporter (so you can use it with Maven, Ant or Gradle later) run
  gradle build
and you will find test-dependencies-reporter-VERSION.jar in ./build


  gradle test

and you will find dot file in:

and if graphviz is on classpath, you will also find generated graph there:


To use with Maven you need to update your pom.xml:

a) add dependency (watch out the version, it might have changed)


b) configure surefire plugin (there is lot of incostency in surefire, e.g. documentation says you should use "reporter" property which does not work, sorry, not my fault)


c) if you want to have diagram generate WITHOUT running tests, replace surefire configuration with the following:


  * make it work properly when FQN is given, and not only method name

  * should be configured:
    * only methods or class_method (can not use .)
    * classes in subgraphs or not
    * how? - on classpath?
  * be able to generate dependencies graph without running tests (but of cours no failed/skipped info then!)
    * done, but need it to be configurable (right now you can do it programmaticaly only)
  * better layout of groups and methods
  * methods of one class should be printed in cluster
  * show why group failed (which methods went red within this group)
  * various detail levels (e.g. only test methods depended-upon/depending, all methods etc.


* since 2011-02-14
  * changed output dir: dot file and png is generated in TestNG default output
  * possible to draw diagram of test dependencies without running tests
  * works for FQN, not only for method names, so now both are working as expected:
    // will be skipped because depends on failed method
    @Test(dependsOnMethods = "pl.kaczanowscy.tomek.testng.reporter.tests.complex.TestA.failure")
    public void skipped() {
        assert true;

    // will be skipped because depends on skipped method
    @Test(dependsOnMethods = "skipped")
    public void alsoSkipped() {
        assert false;
  * if configuration method fails (e.g. @BeforeClass) then it is shown that configuration is a culprit
    * it is not possible to point exactly to the right failed config method - diagram shows all failed config methods and adds dependency on cluster