Helenos is a free web based environment that simplifies a data exploring & schema managament with Apache Cassandra database.
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Helenos is a free web based environment that simplifies a data exploring & schema managament with Apache Cassandra database.

Features list

  • Exploring schema
  • Viewing properties of keyspaces and column families
  • Add / remove / truncate column family
  • Add / Drop keyspace
  • Data browsing via:
    • keyRange
    • predicate
  • Results pagination
  • CQL support
  • Authentication
  • Admin and read only roles

Current version



See here for all changes in current and all previous releases


Packages are available to download via Sourceforge.net as WAR files and Apache Tomcat bundles.


![CF properties] (https://raw.github.com/tomekkup/helenos/gh-pages/gallery/helenos1_small.png) ![CQL] (https://raw.github.com/tomekkup/helenos/gh-pages/gallery/helenos2_small.png) ![Browse] (https://raw.github.com/tomekkup/helenos/gh-pages/gallery/helenos3_small.png)

Click here for preview on Youtube


  • Make sure that a user account which your application server runs as, has write permission to home directory
  • Download war package and deploy to your servlet container (tested with Jetty 8, Tomcat 6, Resin 4)
  • When running on Resin, additionally make sure that fileServlet is enabled and configured (see web.xml or Resin manual)
  • Start app
  • Make sure your web browser supports Flash 10
  • Open your web browser to http://localhost:8080/{yourdeploypath}/index.html
  • Sign in with your credentials (default is admin:admin)
  • Edit your connections by clicking icon in upper right corner
  • After editing click button 'Connect to'

Building manually

You can build manually with Maven but first install all prerequisities:

Next download this package: [https://github.com/cboulanger/qx-contrib-Dialog/archive/master.zip] (https://github.com/cboulanger/qx-contrib-Dialog/archive/master.zip) and unpack to directory src/main/frontend/contribs and change destination folder name to 'dialog'. Next apply patch file 'src/main/frontent/Dialog.js.patch'.

Wish list

  • Browse with indexed columns
  • Results export to file
  • Manually setting serializers
  • Persisting default filter criteria to reuse at anytime
  • JMX monitor
  • Schema editing
  • Queries log


  • I see a cluster structure in a left pane but how to do anything more !? - Use the force Luke ...I mean right mouse button
  • My Cassandra instance is not listening on localhost:9160. How to change the CassandraHost after installation ? - put your values into defaults.properties file, then restart


My name is Tomek Kuprowski and I'm java enthusiast, father, husband and IBMer. You can find me on [LinkedIn] (http://www.linkedin.com/in/tomekkuprowski) and contact via tomekkuprowski@gmail.com

Licence and disclaimer

Helenos is distributed free, AS-IS, without any warranty under Creative Commons Attribution [licence] (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)