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Clojure of the day: it displays random documentation for function from clojure.core namespace.


Download the binary from the releases page:

$ ./cotd
([] [stream] [stream eof-error? eof-value] [stream eof-error? eof-value recursive?] [opts stream])
  Reads the next object from stream, which must be an instance of or some derivee.  stream defaults to the
  current value of *in*.

  Opts is a persistent map with valid keys:
    :read-cond - :allow to process reader conditionals, or
                 :preserve to keep all branches
    :features - persistent set of feature keywords for reader conditionals
    :eof - on eof, return value unless :eofthrow, then throw.
           if not specified, will throw

  Note that read can execute code (controlled by *read-eval*),
  and as such should be used only with trusted sources.

  For data structure interop use clojure.edn/read


Tweak GRAALVM_HOME and JAVA_HOME in script/ and run it.

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