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--- %YAML:1.0
- version: 1.3
date: 2005-10-09
lib/mouseHole.rb: separated into classes under lib/mouseHole/*.rb.
- new streaming support!! (resources not handled by MouseHole are streamed to the browser.)
- decode bug fix from Daniel Sheppard, what a guy. (he also contributed the converters stuff.)
- use converters to parse data and farm out to scripts.
lib/mouseHole/starmonkey.rb: now GM_xmlhttprequest works.
lib/mouseHole/userscript.rb: allow rewrites based on converters used.
- version: 1.2
date: 2005-09-28
- support for either Tidy or HTree as the cleaner.
- now including Builder, an XML construction kit from Jim Weirich.
- matching has been rethunk, matches occur in the order you specify, alternate include
and exclude as you wish, folks.
- reset to factory defaults button on each script's config page. also, uninstall button.
- new register_uri command which allows a script to pass data to a foreign domain.
- support for Greasemonkey scripts which don't leverage the GM_API. (Starmonkey
code by MenTaLguY.)
- support for `mh' and `mouse.hole' hosts. also, mounts are available as `mount' or
also `mouse.mount'.
- gzipped content allowed (from Ryan Leavengood's Wonderland.)
- rss feed of installed user scripts.
- caching of non-altered pages allowed.
- minor fixes to support Ruby 1.8.3.
lib/dnshack.rb: allow invalid hostnames (cause of http://___._/) and ensure the HOSTS hash works
under any Ruby 1.8.x.
lib/redcloth.rb: RedCloth included now.
lib/json/objects.rb: empty hash and empty array fixes.
- version: 1.1
date: 2005-09-02
lib/mouseHole.rb: added support for Greasemonkey-like URL matching and
an automated installation process.
- version: 1.0
date: 2005-08-29
lib/mouseHole.rb: initial mouseHole release, included HTree for cleaning HTML
and basically ran in the installation directory.