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from __future__ import with_statement
import os
import unittest
from plumbum import local, FG, BG, ERROUT
from plumbum import CommandNotFound, ProcessExecutionError
class LocalMachineTest(unittest.TestCase):
def test_imports(self):
from plumbum.cmd import ls
self.assertTrue("" in local["ls"]().splitlines())
self.assertTrue("" in ls().splitlines())
self.assertRaises(CommandNotFound, lambda: local["non_exist1N9"])
from plumbum.cmd import non_exist1N9 #@UnresolvedImport @UnusedImport
except CommandNotFound:
else:"from plumbum.cmd import non_exist1N9")
def test_cwd(self):
from plumbum.cmd import ls
self.assertEqual(local.cwd, os.getcwd())
self.assertTrue("" not in ls().splitlines())
with local.cwd("../plumbum"):
self.assertTrue("" in ls().splitlines())
self.assertTrue("" not in ls().splitlines())
self.assertRaises(OSError, local.cwd.chdir, "../non_exist1N9")
def test_path(self):
self.assertFalse((local.cwd / "../non_exist1N9").exists())
self.assertTrue((local.cwd / ".." / "plumbum").isdir())
# traversal
found = False
for fn in local.cwd / ".." / "plumbum":
if fn.basename == "":
found = True
# glob'ing
found = False
for fn in local.cwd / ".." // "*/*.rst":
if fn.basename == "index.rst":
found = True
def test_env(self):
self.assertTrue("PATH" in local.env)
self.assertFalse("FOOBAR72" in local.env)
self.assertRaises(ProcessExecutionError, local.python, "-c", "import os;os.environ['FOOBAR72']")
local.env["FOOBAR72"] = "spAm"
self.assertEqual(local.python("-c", "import os;print (os.environ['FOOBAR72'])").splitlines(), ["spAm"])
with local.env(FOOBAR73 = 1889):
self.assertEqual(local.python("-c", "import os;print (os.environ['FOOBAR73'])").splitlines(), ["1889"])
with local.env(FOOBAR73 = 1778):
self.assertEqual(local.python("-c", "import os;print (os.environ['FOOBAR73'])").splitlines(), ["1778"])
self.assertEqual(local.python("-c", "import os;print (os.environ['FOOBAR73'])").splitlines(), ["1889"])
self.assertRaises(ProcessExecutionError, local.python, "-c", "import os;os.environ['FOOBAR73']")
# path manipulation
self.assertRaises(CommandNotFound, local.which, "dummy-executable")
with local.env():
local.env.path.insert(0, local.cwd / "not-in-path")
p = local.which("dummy-executable")
self.assertEqual(p, local.cwd / "not-in-path" / "dummy-executable")
def test_local(self):
self.assertTrue("plumbum" in str(local.cwd))
self.assertTrue("PATH" in local.env.getdict())
self.assertEqual(local.path("foo"), os.path.join(os.getcwd(), "foo"))
self.assertEqual(local.python("-c", "print ('hi there')").splitlines(), ["hi there"])
def test_piping(self):
from plumbum.cmd import ls, grep
chain = ls | grep["\\.py"]
self.assertTrue("" in chain().splitlines())
chain = (ls["-a"] | grep["test"] | grep["local"])
self.assertTrue("" in chain().splitlines())
def test_redirection(self):
from plumbum.cmd import cat, ls, grep, rm
chain = (ls | grep["\\.py"]) > "tmp.txt"
chain2 = (cat < "tmp.txt") | grep["local"]
self.assertTrue("" in chain2().splitlines())
chain3 = (cat << "this is the\nworld of helloness and\nspam bar and eggs") | grep["hello"]
self.assertTrue("world of helloness and" in chain3().splitlines())
rc, _, err = (grep["-Zq5"] >= "tmp2.txt").run(["-Zq5"], retcode = None)
self.assertEqual(rc, 2)
self.assertTrue("Usage" in (cat < "tmp2.txt")())
rc, out, _ = (grep["-Zq5"] >= ERROUT).run(["-Zq5"], retcode = None)
self.assertEqual(rc, 2)
self.assertTrue("Usage" in out)
def test_popen(self):
from plumbum.cmd import ls
p = ls.popen(["-a"])
out, _ = p.communicate()
self.assertEqual(p.returncode, 0)
self.assertTrue("" in out.decode(local.encoding).splitlines())
def test_run(self):
from plumbum.cmd import ls, grep
rc, out, err = (ls | grep["non_exist1N9"]).run(retcode = 1)
self.assertEqual(rc, 1)
def test_modifiers(self):
from plumbum.cmd import ls, grep
f = (ls["-a"] | grep["\\.py"]) & BG
self.assertTrue("" in f.stdout.splitlines())
(ls["-a"] | grep["local"]) & FG
def test_session(self):
sh = local.session()
for _ in range(4):
_, out, _ ="ls -a")
self.assertTrue("" in out.splitlines())"cd ..")"export FOO=17")
out ="echo $FOO")[1]
self.assertEqual(out.splitlines(), ["17"])
def test_quoting(self):
ssh = local["ssh"]
pwd = local["pwd"]
cmd = ssh["localhost", "cd", "/usr", "&&", ssh["localhost", "cd", "/", "&&",
ssh["localhost", "cd", "/bin", "&&", pwd]]]
self.assertTrue("\"'&&'\"" in " ".join(cmd.formulate(0)))
def test_tempdir(self):
from plumbum.cmd import cat
with local.tempdir() as dir:
with open(str(dir / "test.txt"), "w") as f:
f.write("hello world")
with open(str(dir / "test.txt"), "r") as f:
self.assertEqual(, "hello world")
def test_read_write(self):
with local.tempdir() as tmp:
data = "hello world"
(tmp / "foo.txt").write(data)
self.assertEqual((tmp / "foo.txt").read(), data)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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