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#jweel-ring ##Project architecture

This projects uses the JavaScript file and module loader Require.js. Therefore each functional module lives in it's own file. All these modules can be found under app/js/app. The dependencies of the project are handled using bower and can found unser app/js/lib.

##Installation instructions

  1. Install Node.js
  2. Install Grunt globally npm install -g grunt-cli
  3. Clone the repo
  4. cd jweel-ring
  5. Install the npm dependencies npm install
  6. Install the bower dependencies grunt install

##Available grunt tasks

  • grunt bower: Install Bower packages. *
  • grunt jshint: Validate files with JSHint. *
  • grunt requirejs: Build a RequireJS project. *
  • grunt githooks: Binds grunt tasks to git hooks *
  • grunt connect: Start a connect web server. *
  • grunt build: Alias for "jshint", "requirejs" tasks.
  • grunt install: Alias for "githooks", "bower", "connect" tasks.