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To learn more about our funding activities or donate please email or join

Funding Opportunities

Name of Opportunity Organization Due Date Contact Progress Notes
Opportunity Grant Metcalf Foundation 21 Nov 2016
1 Feb 2017
@SeaPancakes Dropped Registration submitted but did not reach consensus during review of full application
Ontario Budget Talks Government of Ontario 11 Dec 2016 @SeaPancakes Submitted
Seed Grant Ontario Trillium Foundation 1 Feb 2017
22 Feb 2017
@SeaPancakes Dropped Did not reach consensus during review of registration document
Beyond the Net Grant Internet Society 23 Mar 2017 @dcwalk Dropped
Community Investment Program CIRA 1 Mar 2017 @udit Dropped
Collective Impact Investment Stream Ontario Trillium Foundation N/A Investigating

NOTE Due dates are subject to change.

Explanation of Progress Statuses

  • Investigating Currently deciding on whether this is an appropriate opportunity.
  • In progress Currently working on completing the application.
  • Submitted The application has been successfully received.
  • Dropped The application has been dropped as a result of active decision or nothing got submitted past the due date.