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@darkdrgn2k darkdrgn2k released this 29 Aug 13:10
· 188 commits to master since this release

Major features:


  • Note about hard coded machine ids on some Arabian distros
  • Note about using adhoc with on board wireless


  • Added yrd Module
  • Added ssb module
  • Added ssb web Module
  • Added Pi Stream (Live stream using rpi module)
  • Bump nodejs from 7.x to 8.x
  • Corrected binary package logic for cjdns
  • New shared module framework
  • Nodesinfo module V0
  • Added to connect cjdns neighbors to swarm
  • Enabled namesys-pubsub and migrate modules for IPFS
  • IPFS bump from v0.4.6 to v0.4.17
  • NodeExporter reports mac addresses for mapping


  • Better support for Debian version of Armbian
  • Added rfkill on boot to unblock wifi on some Raspberry Pi
  • Removed xradio hack for older kernel
  • Added sun50iw1p1 to detect some 64 arm boards (armbian kernel update)
  • Compile cjdns with -O2 as workaround to new compiler issues
  • Added workaround for missing interfaces file on some builds
  • Pinned onboard drivers to wlan-ap for access point


  • Whitespace and syntax cleanup
  • Replacement placeholders wrapped in __
  • Contrib - script to disconnect bad 802.11s links closed
  • Contrib - added tmate installer
  • Better ExecStop command for all services
  • Additional handling of non-critical errors during install
  • Corrected iptunnel adding nat for each connection
  • Firewall script update
  • Added new NTP server
  • Added DNS into firewall
  • Added default DNS
  • Bugfixes