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@darkdrgn2k darkdrgn2k released this Mar 4, 2019 · 13 commits to master since this release

Major features:


  • Created documentation file
  • Moved module related content from
  • Added documentation for various modules - more to come!
  • Force password change on first login after install on Raspberry Pi


  • Travis CI runs shellcheck on all .sh and install files
  • Created functions to minimize duplicate coding in install making install2 more readable
  • Created Profiles for quick node configuration during install.
  • Tweaks to build SSB Faster


  • CJDNS version bump
  • Added Yggdrasil routing engine
  • Added Yggdrasil IPv6 client IPs to access point (Yggdrasil subnetting)
  • Added nginx welcome page with information about the node
  • CJDNS and Yggdrasil live graphs of peers on welcome page
  • Status script now work with Yggdrasil
  • Added IP forwarding to iptunnel
  • Added IPv6 addressing to iptunnel
  • Sorted and cleaned up firewall rules
  • Pi stream support for Audio Only (SDR)
  • Pi stream patches for stability
  • IPFS Version bump 0.4.18
  • Added version variable and version bump for Grafana
  • Added cjdns compiled DEB for arm64
  • SSB Version bump and rename
  • Yggdrasil data in Node Exporter


  • Meshpoint and Adhoc dropped to 20Mhz
  • Raspbian onboard WiFi now easier to use in adhoc mode
  • Added notes on how to mesh onboard Raspberry Pi WiFi
  • Added install support for MK802ii
  • Raspberry Pi Zero - enabled access point


  • Lots of shellcheck suggested cleanup
  • Scuttlebot now called ssb-server
  • now works with Yggdrasil too
  • Added up forwarding rules for Yggdrasil client IPs
  • Moved cjdns-setup from systemd rules to post startup script
  • More IPFS bootstraps for Hyperborea and Yggdrasil
  • IPFS - enabled gossipsub and filestore


  • Added a port 80 redirect so non-Internet accessible nodes can show their Welcome page
    • Basically a captive gateway
  • Added script to build SDR drivers for pi stream
  • Added Hyperborea and Yggdrasil mirror
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