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@darkdrgn2k darkdrgn2k released this
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Yggdrasil IPTunnel now does not change config files
Yggdrasil IPtunnel drop in service adjustment
Yggdrasil IPTunnel supports IPv6 and routed IPv6
Yggdrasil version bump
Support for x86 and x64
Profile selection menu format changed in Dialog
Rewritten and simplified board detection
IPFS Improvments #284
CJDNS now module
Prototype can run without CJDNS now
Better docs
Grafan database now can be removed when uninstalling
Moved network config to interface.d model
Removed Network Manager
Added confSet function and implemented confget/confset config files
NodeJS now shared module
NodeJS version bump
MESH_NAME now a config
Added ipv6 netcat option
Localized Patch Foo in TOMESH repo to prevent version conflicts and outage
Added support for PI4
Added support for Buster
Fixed ETH0 vs BR0 issue on espressoBIN
Prometheus version bump
Raspberry Pi Watch Dog Timer