tomesh.101 experience contains outreach and network literacy materials for
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tomesh.101 experience is where introductory outreach and educational materials for Toronto Mesh are worked on and stored. This is a working repository, as a result, a lot of the material in here is in draft form.

Repository Structure

The repository is structured as follows:

  • glossary/ contains key terminology and definitions relevant to mesh networking
  • presentations/ contains presentation materials (including slides and facilitation guides)
  • reference-spec/ will contain formalized reference description including steps required, hardware, software and scripts, and mesh naming convention materials
  • tutorial/ will contain introductory materials for connecting to a mesh network using a pi3
  • workshops/ contains workshops materials (including slides and facilitation guides)

The organization of this is based on outreach materials conversations on May 20 and June 02.


Presentations are currently using the presentation tool showoff.

Viewing Presentations

Static versions of presentations are always available online at

Running Presentations

If you would like to run presentations locally or make changes you'll have to do the following:

  1. Clone this repository to your computer.

  2. Install showoff, showoff is written in ruby and comes as a packaged gem

    $ gem install showoff
  3. Run showoff from the repository presentations/<presentation-name> directory

    $ showoff serve
  4. To view, in your preferred browser navigate to: