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Toronto Community Network

Community networks are networks collectively owned and managed by the community for non-profit and community purposes. They are constituted by collectives, indigenous communities or non-profit civil society organizations that exercise their right to communicate, under the principles of democratic participation of their members, equity, gender equality, diversity and plurality.

– Cumbre Latinoamericana de Redes Comunitarias, Argentina 2018

We are building a community network in Toronto alongside our collaborators. See our proposal brief and full in-draft proposal for details.

Project Management

We use Teams to manage membership of working groups and Projects to track task status on a public project board. These are our current working groups.

Communications and Community Engagement 👥

Connect with people living and working in the areas served by the network(s), inform people regarding intentions and activities of the community network and engage them in dialogue with a view to mutual learning and collaboration in advancing the value of the network and related opportunities in the community.

Meetings Sunday 3pm ET weekly (calendar iCal time poll)
Group Email
Tasks communications label

Network Planning, Design and Operations 👥

Plan, design, implement and maintain a well-functioning community network.

Meetings Thursday 5pm ET weekly (calendar iCal time poll)
Group Email
Tasks network label

Organizational and Program Governance 👥

Develop administrative processes ensuring Toronto Mesh meets their commitments. Attend to assets and resources. Assist in integrating and synthesizing priorities, plans and schedules across different disciplines and activities to realize the mission of Toronto Mesh and the Toronto Community Network. Formalize relationships and agreements with and within the community network.

Meetings Monday 6pm ET weekly (calendar iCal time poll)
Group Email
Tasks governance label

Project Operations 👥

Assist in organizing and removing barriers to the completion of work - including projects involving production of a funding application, design and deployment of network equipment, convening of meetings and workshops, etc.

Meetings Saturday 12pm ET biweekly (calendar iCal time poll)
Group Email
Tasks operations label

Get Involved

If you would like to contribute to the Toronto Community Network project, please email to introduce yourself and indicate how you may like to participate.

If you have general interest in our project and would like to stay connected, you can join the Toronto Mesh mailing list.

In order to do our best work together we have a Code of Conduct.

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