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💤 A text to speech social network. [mirror]


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Tometo is a social network focused on text-to-speech. It's written in Elixir using the Phoenix web library and can generate TTS audio from Google Cloud. The frontend is written in JavaScript using Svelte, with Three.js for showing 3D content.

Quick Links

Local Installation

Installation is easy! All you have to do is set up Vagrant on your computer, download the repository either via Git or as a ZIP file, and then run the following in the downloaded folder:

vagrant up
# After that's done:
vagrant ssh

This will put you in a small virtual machine that has Tometo running in it. The best part is that the content in your downloaded folder automatically synchronizes with your virtual machine! If you just want to run Tometo, type:


For more installation information, see our installation docs.

Reporting Issues

Please follow our documentation on reporting a bug!


If you want to work on Tometo, or just play around with it locally, please follow the Installation documentation. There's other documentation on there that might be worth reading, too.


Tometo is licensed under the Prosperity public license, meaning you can't use it commercially. This doesn't make it Open Source software, but that distinction is not important to us.