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A simple Chrome app, replacing new tab with a dummy Trello App
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Chrome app example

A chrome extension is just a simple website with a manifest.json giving Chrome some metadata about your app. Here's a simple chrome app example that replaces the new tab page with a dummy trello todo-list.

Awesome chrome extension list

Below is a few related links/guides for creating a Chrome extension of different types that were helpful to me.




The application key should be set in globals.js.


With the last, you can find the id of the board, a todo list and a done list by adding /report.json to the url, e.g.

Here you'll find the keys id (board id), and lists[x].id (list ids).

Set these in globals.js as well.


To load your extension in Chrome:

  • Open up chrome://extensions/ in your browser
  • Click Developer mode in the top right.
  • Click Load unpacked and select the repo directory on your machine.

You should now see your extension in the list, and if you open a new tab, the background should be green. If you've set the application key in globals.js, you should also see a list of Trello items from the Todo list in

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