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(ns autodoc.git-tools
(:use [ :only [sh with-sh-dir]]
[clojure.pprint :only [cl-format]]
[ :only [branch-subdir]])
(:import [ File]))
(defn offset-path
"Returns a new file that is specified as an offset from root (assumes that
root is an ancestor of file)"
[root file]
(let [root-path (.getCanonicalPath root)
file-path (.getCanonicalPath file)]
(if (= root-path file-path)
(File. ".")
(File. (.substring file-path (inc (.length root-path)))))))
(defn git-dir? [dir]
"Return true if dir (a has a .git subdirectory (i.e. it's the
root of a git repo)"
(.exists (File. dir ".git")))
(defn current-branch
"Return the name of currently checked out branch in dir"
(with-sh-dir dir
(when-let [branch-str (first
(filter #(.startsWith % "*")
(.split (:out (sh "git" "branch")) "\n")))]
(.substring branch-str 2))))
(defn has-remote?
"return true if there is a remote called origin that we could push back to"
(with-sh-dir dir
(some #(= % "origin") (.split (:out (sh "git" "remote")) "\n"))))
(defn stage-new-doc-files
"Add any new supplementary documents to the git staging area"
[dir branches]
(let [dirs (filter #(.exists (File. dir %))
(map #(.getPath (File. (File. %) "doc"))
(cons "." (map branch-subdir (next branches)))))]
(with-sh-dir dir
(println (:out (apply sh "git" "add" "-v" dirs))))))
(defn stage-new-api-files
"Add any new API namespace files to the git staging area"
(when-let [files (map (comp #(.getPath %) (partial offset-path dir))
(filter #(.endsWith (.getPath %) "-api.html")
(file-seq dir)))]
(with-sh-dir dir
(println (:out (apply sh "git" "add" "-v" files))))))
(defn stage-new-index-files
"Add any new index-XXX.clj files to the git staging area"
(when-let [files (map (comp #(.getPath %) (partial offset-path dir))
(filter #(re-matches #"index-.*\.clj" (.getName %))
(file-seq dir)))]
(with-sh-dir dir
(println (:out (apply sh "git" "add" "-v" files))))))
(defn stage-modified-files
"Add any changed files to the git staging area"
(with-sh-dir dir
(println (:out (sh "git" "add" "-u" "-v" ".")))))
(defn git-hash
"Get the git hash for the head of the given branch (or tag)"
[dir head len]
(with-sh-dir dir
(.substring (.trim (:out (sh "git" "rev-parse" head))) 0 len)))
(defn comment-for
"Construct a git comment for all the appropriate branches"
[dir branches]
(cl-format nil "Autodoc commit for ~{~{~@[~a/~]~a~}~^, ~}"
(if branches
(for [name branches] [name (git-hash dir name 8)])
[[nil (git-hash dir "HEAD" 8)]])))
(defn git-commit
"Commit the staged files in dir (a"
[dir comment]
(with-sh-dir dir
(println (:out (sh "git" "commit" "-m" comment)))))
(defn git-push
"Push the commit to a remote, if defined"
(with-sh-dir dir
(println (:out (sh "git" "push" "origin" (current-branch dir))))))
(defn autodoc-commit [src-dir doc-dir branches]
"Stage and commit all new and changed files in the autodoc tree"
(stage-new-doc-files doc-dir branches)
(stage-new-api-files doc-dir)
(stage-new-index-files doc-dir)
(stage-modified-files doc-dir)
(git-commit doc-dir (comment-for src-dir branches))
(when (has-remote? doc-dir)
(git-push doc-dir)))
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