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Autodoc tasks

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Merge back to master

Standalone autodoc working again

Command line option for param-file-driven autodoc building

Webhook operational

Make sure we can standalone autodoc for 1.2 or 1.3 programs

We should probably use recursive invocation?

Update autodoc to a 1.2 base

Leiningen support

develop strategy for working with Leinigen 1.2

No clojure dependency allowed in plugin

Option 1: Just port to 1.2 and drop 1.1 support

I don’t thinks this works because standalone requires a clojure dependency

Option 2: Make a lighweight plug-in module separate from autodoc itself
Option 3: Don’t run as a plugin, but support parsing a project.clj file

Improved HTML presentation

Make version separation clear

Define a new branch spec that has real version info in addition to branch name

For instance “(latest stable release)” or “(active development branch)”

Fix left-hand TOC to be clearer

Add “Other Versions” and move it to the bottom
Add a TOC Header that includes the current version
Add styling for toc_header class in master toc
Add version status

Add version info to page header and title

See python docs for a good example

Add a blurb for each version to be inserted in the overview file and say what it’s about

Add categories to clojure.core functions

Add pointer back into clojure.core

Add pointer back to root from the top of the left-hand TOC

Make back-pointer a per-project parameter

Add pointers to section overview pages for functions (e.g., the Sequences page for instance)

Investigate a better way of handling fixed-width fonts

(browser default, <pre><tt></tt></pre>, see #clojure discussion from 12/27/09) IRC Log

Remove, improve namespace level usage message.

Add “last updated”, git version info

But figure out how to do this without gratuitous page changes

Make sub-namespace presentation better

Mark deprecated fns, namespaces wherever they are mentioned

by italics, maybe

Clean up HTML

Use Linkchecker and remove all dead links

Use “Dust Me selectors plugin” and clean up CSS based on results

Think through ids vs. classes

Improved 1.2 Support

Document protocols and figure out how to link their methods back to them

incanter.distribution.Distribution might be a good one to use for testing &

Improved 1.3 support

Add a notation for dynamic

Can we get type annotations?

Support docstrings for special forms

Complete the gh-pages doc

Figure out missing sections

add layout/style to gh-pages doc

(look at for examples)

include pygments style in gh-doc


New features

Image support

Figure out how to do image support for Incanter

Maven task

Build a Maven taks for autodoc

Search support

Figure out how search support should work

Deprecate pages at

Support for clojuredocs

Add index.clj files to all projects

Extend index data to include all metadata information

Add raw file pointers so Zack can pull the source/refs

Build the code to pull source and symbols

Maven support

version from pom.xml

Figure out how to get dependencies from maven

Get dependencies and versions from the pom.xml

Current idea:

  1. Depend on leiningen
  2. (:use [leiningen.deps :only [find-jars]])
  3. (find-jars {:local-repo-classpath true, :dependencies …}) where the dependencies look like project.clj
  4. the answer should be a list of files to add to our classpath. Yay!

Q: Do I need to do more setup to get maven to work right or will that be done for me implicitly?


Supplementary docs master TOC doesn’t work

We need to add the appropriate ../.. stuff to the links on the master TOC

Autodoc doesn’t work on windows

This appears to be a pathname thing / vs. \

Clean up “only used with ant-wrapper” params in params.clj

Make the param-dir option in autodoc.clj better integrated with the rest

Remove all refs to contrib

Figure out why Condition/-init doesn’t seem to generate an index entry

Is this still a bug?

Fix url detection so that it always works

Supress author tag when none provided

Make &emdash; work in headers and titles

Enlive seems to not escape this correctly (probably it’s just tag soup underneath)

Fix “no project specified” at the top of the API index page!

Make the sub-namespace links on a namespace right hand TOC work

Get source links working right again

Get non-master updates to trigger auto builds

Fix left-TOC on ie (ul styling on first category)

Fix modular contrib docs

Add version number info to wrapped markdown files

Some source link (see clojure.contrib.accumulators/add) don’t seem to be working right.

Fix source links in incanter

Add a README in the target

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