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(ns excel-templates-example.portfolio
(:require [clj-http.client :as client]
[clj-time.core :as t]
[clj-time.format :as f]
[clojure.pprint :refer [cl-format]]
[ :as excel]))
;;; There are 4 parts to this example:
;;; 1) The description of the portfolio
;;; 2) Code to retrieve price info from Yahoo Finance
;;; 3) Code to format the data as it should go into Excel
;;; 4) Apply the template
;;; Section 1: Define my portfolio
(def my-portfolio
[{:symbol "AAPL", :name "Apple" :shares 350}
{:symbol "AKAM", :name "Akamai" :shares 275}
{:symbol "AMZN", :name "Amazon" :shares 576}
{:symbol "IBM", :name "IBM" :shares 422}
{:symbol "MON", :name "Monsanto" :shares 1152}
{:symbol "NFLX", :name "Netflix" :shares 750}
{:symbol "SPLS", :name "Staples" :shares 3600}
{:symbol "TDC", :name "Teradata" :shares 1800}
{:symbol "WMT", :name "Wal-mart" :shares 900}])
;;; Section 2: Retrieve data from Yahoo Finance
;; Yahoo Finance can be queried with a URL that looks like this:
;; Thanks to Joseph Adler's "R in a Nutshell", Chapter 12, for the example.
(defn get-year-month-day
"Get a seq of year month date from a joda LocalDate"
(-> local-date bean ((juxt :year :monthOfYear :dayOfMonth))))
(let [inp-fmt (f/formatters :year-month-day)]
(defn parse-yahoo-date [date] (f/parse inp-fmt date)))
(defn parse-int
"Parse an integer from a string"
(Integer/parseInt s))
(defn parse-double
"Parse a double from a string"
(Double/parseDouble s))
(defn body-as-csv
"Parse a string as a set of comma-separated-value lines"
(let [lines (.split s "\n")]
(for [line lines]
(.split line ","))))
(defn convert-items
"In a seq of seqs, convert the items in each row with the functions supplied, one
function for each column."
[data conversions]
(for [row data]
(map #(%2 %1) row conversions)))
(defn stock-to-map
"Convert the rows returned from Yahoo Finance to maps"
[rows sym]
(for [row rows]
(-> (zipmap [:date :open :high :low :close :volume :adj-close] row)
(assoc :symbol sym))))
(defn get-yahoo-stock-data
"Get the data for a certain period from yahoo finance. Returns a seq of maps
with the keys [:symbol :date :open :high :low :close :volume :adj-close]"
[sym start end interval]
(let [[sy sm sd] (get-year-month-day start)
[ey em ed] (get-year-month-day end)
url (cl-format nil ""
sym (dec sm) sd sy (dec em) ed ey interval)
sdata (-> url client/get :body)]
(-> sdata
(convert-items [parse-yahoo-date parse-double parse-double parse-double
parse-double parse-int parse-double])
(stock-to-map sym))))
(defn get-portfolio-history
"Get the history of the portfolio since the beginning of the year."
(let [end (org.joda.time.LocalDate.)
start (org.joda.time.LocalDate. (.getYear end) 1 1)]
(for [{:keys [symbol name shares]} portfolio
:let [history (get-yahoo-stock-data symbol start end "d")]]
{:symbol symbol :name name :shares shares :history history})))
;;; Section 3: Organize output to be the way we want it in
;;; Excel
(defn holdings-rows
"Get the share data for our portfolio for the past two market days"
(let [[day2 day1] (->> holdings first :history (map :date))]
{:day1 day1
:day2 day2
:rows (for [{:keys [symbol shares history]} holdings
:let [[day2 day1] history]]
[symbol shares nil
(:open day1) (:low day1) (:high day1) (:close day1) nil
(:open day2) (:low day2) (:high day2) (:close day2) nil])}))
(defn last-two-days
"Return the row replacements for first sheet that reflects the previous day's change over
the day before that for the entire portfolio"
(let [{:keys [day1 day2 rows]} (holdings-rows holdings)
title (format "Portfolio Status as of %s"
(f/unparse (f/formatter "MMMM d, y") day2))
section-row [nil nil nil (f/unparse (f/formatter "EEEE, M/d") day1)
nil nil nil nil nil (f/unparse (f/formatter "EEEE, M/d") day2)]]
{0 [[title]]
2 [section-row]
4 rows}))
(defn history-per-stock
"Build the sheets for the YTD history of each stock in the portfolio"
(for [{:keys [symbol name shares history]} holdings]
{:sheet-name symbol
0 [[(str "YTD Info for " name)]]
1 [[symbol nil shares]]
[4 5] (for [{:keys [date open close]} (reverse history)]
[date open close])}))
(defn create-row-data
"Massage the data into the form for the template"
{"Portfolio" (last-two-days holdings)
"PerStock" (history-per-stock holdings)})
;;; Section 4: Apply Template
(defn apply-template
"Apply the Excel template to the generated rows"
(defn excel-portfolio-report
"Make an excel report for our portfolio"
(-> my-portfolio
;;; Extra Section: Make a csv
(defn make-simple-rows
"Make the basic rows from the holdings data"
(for [{:keys [symbol shares history]} holdings
:let [[day1 day2] history]]
[symbol shares
(:open day1) (:low day1) (:high day1) (:close day1) (* (:close day1) shares)
(:open day2) (:low day2) (:high day2) (:close day2) (* (:close day2) shares)
(- (:close day2) (:close day1))
(* shares (- (:close day2) (:close day1)))
(/ (- (:close day2) (:close day1)) (:close day1))]))
(defn to-csv
"Export a series of rows as CSV"
(let [headers [["" ""
"Day 1" "" "" "" ""
"Day 2" "" "" "" ""
"Change" "" ""]
["Stock" "Shares"
"Open" "Low" "High" "Close" "Holdings"
"Open" "Low" "High" "Close" "Holdings"
"Share Price" "Total Value" "Percentage"]]]
(spit "/tmp/portfolio.csv" (cl-format nil "~{~{~a~^,~}~%~}" (concat headers rows)))))