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Learning Statistics with JASP

Contains LaTeX source for:

Navarro, D.J., Foxcroft, D.R., & Faulkenberry, T.J. (2019). Learning Statistics with JASP: A Tutorial for Psychology Students and Other Beginners.

Click here for a direct link to the pdf.

In principle, this repository should include everything needed to reproduce the book from scratch.

The book is released under a creative commons CC BY-SA 4.0 licence. This means that this book can be reused, remixed, retained, revised and redistributed (including commercially) as long as appropriate credit is given to the authors. If you remix, or modify the original version of this open textbook, you must redistribute all versions of this open textbook under the same license - CC BY-SA.

This is an adaptation of the book:

Navarro DJ and Foxcroft DR (2019). learning statistics with jamovi: a tutorial for psychology students and other beginners. (Version 0.70). [Available from url:]

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