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Findbugs detectors for Guice

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findbugs-guice is a detector for Findbugs, a popular static analysis tool, that detects errors in the use of Guice.

findbugs-guice detects:

  • scope annotations on interfaces (which Guice does not support)
  • installation of submodules via Module.configure() (which doesn't install @Provides methods) rather than Module.install()
  • static field injection (which is recommended against)
  • final field injection (which is recommended against and error-prone)

How to install

... using the Findbugs Maven plugin

Add the following to your pom.xml:


This is considered a workaround for MFINDBUGS-151.

... otherwise

Install findbugs-guice like any other Findbugs detector:

  1. Put the JAR in FINDBUGS_HOME/plugin.
  2. Test your installation against code which exhibits the issues that findbugs-guice detects.

How to build

mvn package

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