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An open source CMS written in node.js

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ctrl CMS

A node.js CMS application that is a great starting point for most web-base projects

More information can be found in the wiki


Create the ctrl app:

 git clone git://

Install dependencies:

 npm install


Starting ctrl

 node app

Then goto http://localhost:3021/admin in a browser and follow the instructions.


Paul Serby follow me on twitter


214 Paul Serby              47.7%
63  Jack Brewer             14.0%
52  Ben Gourley             11.6%
44  Dom Harrington          9.8%
32  Adam Duncan             7.1%
17  Erik Lundin             3.8%
 8  Oliver Johnstone        1.8%
 5  Rob Noake               1.1%
 4  Tom Smith               0.9%
 4  Dom Udall               0.9%
 2  Tom Gallacher           0.4%
 2  domharrington           0.4%
 1  aduncan88               0.2%
 1  James Bliss             0.2%


Licenced under the New BSD License

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