Fixes for meteor (particularly on Windows) #53

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These changes back port some of the changes from the gzippo devel branch.
They are needed to properly pass the root directory and URL suffix to static.send() rather than passing on file names that kind of look like URLs.

The key reason I need these changes is because I am maintaining a Meteor port for Windows, and on Windows things are much more broken because file names have drive letters and backslashes and static.send() never sends the content.

awwx and others added some commits Jan 23, 2013
@awwx awwx Allow clientMaxAge to be set to 0
Fixes #22
@sdarnell sdarnell Fixing gzippo intercepting routes
Author: tomgco
Backporting commit 3367a9a to master
@sdarnell sdarnell Pass URL and root directory to static.send()
Backports most of the changes from commit
11f3641 (author: tomgco)
Includes fix for prefixed urls commit
751fe97 (author: tomgco)

Apart from being good fixes, they are needed for things to work on
Windows platforms where filenames have drive letter prefixes and don't
use forward slash (like URLs).
@sdarnell sdarnell Merge commit '1e4b955439abc643879ae264b28a761521818f3b' into fixes_fo…
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