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Adding information about stable releases

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@@ -40,6 +40,10 @@ Use or install the latest official release:
$ n latest
+Use or install the stable official release:
+ $ n stable
Install a custom or patched version of node from a tarball:
$ n custom 0.6.5
@@ -85,13 +89,15 @@ Execute npm with 0.6.3 regardless of the active version:
n Output versions installed
n latest [config ...] Install or activate the latest node release
+ n stable [config ...] Install or activate the latest stable node release
n <version> [config ...] Install and/or use node <version>
n custom <version> <tarball> [config ...] Install custom node <tarball> with [args ...]
n use <version> [args ...] Execute node <version> with [args ...]
n npm <version> [args ...] Execute npm <version> with [args ...]
n bin <version> Output bin path for <version>
n rm <version ...> Remove the given version(s)
n --latest Output the latest node version available
+ n --stable Output the latest stable node version available
n ls Output the versions of node available

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