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GidTech Where-U-At 2000™ Smart Home Frame

This is a hack-job. The code is of bad quality, but it does what I want.

It presents a web app that will track family members using their smartphones (Life360 app; Google Location Sharing previously, but it was unreliable); and it displays upcoming events from ics calendar feeds (Google Calendar).

I have this web app running in our lobby, on a cheap Android tablet surrounded by a cheap but nice-looking picture frame.

A previous version is described here:

That version used an ePaper display running on a Raspberry Pi Zero W. The code is in epaperframe, but is neglected. I found the ePaper display was too unreliable for use, so switched to a cheap tablet instead, running a Kiosk web browser ( )

Rather than running the calendar and location scripts on the tablet, they run on a host computer. Firstly, ics files are non-trivial to deal with, especially with time zones and repeating events. Fortunately, Python has libraries to deal with them.

Secondly, Life360 doesn't seem to have a public API for this kind of thing, but there is a rudimentary Python library which I include here --

Finally, it's possible if not likely that users will wish to display the same information elsewhere, eg. on their own tablets or desktops, so there's no point in checking the data multiple times. As a result, separating out the data collection makes it more efficient (and nicer to Life360, among others)

[As far as licensing is concerned, I consider this roughly Apache licensed; ie. do with it what you want, but don't stop me from using it either.]


GitTech Where-U-At 2000™ home dashboard. Really bad quality hacked-out code. Sorry... it's one of those "just get it working" type projects.






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