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This is an Electron JS based application. When given a directory containing a bunch of images it will display two of them, at random, side by side. There are some keyboard commands that let you change the images ...

  • E changes the right hand image
  • Q changes the left
  • W changes both
  • - reduces the margins
  • =/+ increases the margins

If an image pairing appears and you particularly like it you can press

  • P to save save it to list of favourites

You can scroll down to see the currently selected favourite parings. Each one will have a 'Remove' button next to it to remove it from the list. The list is automatically saved in the images directory as a file called 'faves.json' so that when you restart the app you can review all the parings already saved.

I think that's about it.

The idea came from this Ask MetaFilter question

This software is provided as is and I take no responsibility for it frying your computer, crashing your car or eating all the cake in your fridge or anything else. Basically, you're on your own.

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