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Basic Installation
These instructions describe building Graphviz using standard make.
To build Graphviz using GNU tools, see ./INSTALL.
- Run configure.old
- Edit config.h
This defines a variety of preprocessor flags describing the system
on which you are building Graphviz. Comment or uncomment the flags
as they pertain to your machine.
In particular, Graphviz relies on a variety of optional, external
libraries and commands:
libjpeg - Functions for handling JPEG images.
libpng - Functions for handling PNG (portable network graphics) images.
libz - A compression library.
libfreetype - Freetype 2 library for TrueType and other fonts.
libttf - Freetype 1 library for TrueType and other fonts.
curl or wget - tool for transferring files with URL syntax
libexpat - Functions for parsing XML
If these are not already on your machine, they are freely
available on the Internet. You can get the software, install it, and
then set the appropriate flag. Note that only one of HAVE_LIBFREETYPE
and HAVE_LIBTTF should be set. You'll also need to specify where these
libraries can be found. See EXTLIB_INC and EXTLIB_LIB below.
Note: You can build Graphviz without these libraries. This will simply
limit your output formats to various non-bitmap output such as PostScript,
SVG, HPGL, or Dot.
- Edit In particular, set:
ARCH - one of the known OS.
INSTALLROOT - the directory to which binaries, libraries, documents,
etc. should be copied by 'make install'.
TCLDIR - the root directory of tcl.
TKDIR - the root directory of tk.
EXPAT_INC - indicates directory containing expat.h.
EXPAT_LIB - flags for linking in expat library.
EXTLIB_INC - indicates the directories where the include files for
the optional libraries such as libjpeg (see above)
can be found, if they are not in the default include
directories. This is a list of -I compiler flags.
EXTLIB_LIB - indicates which optional libraries to use and which
directories to look in. This is a list of -L and -l
compiler flags.
- Check settings in makearch/$(ARCH).
- Run make.
After a successful build, the software can be moved to INSTALLROOT
by running:
make install
To clean up .o files:
make clean
To remove almost all generated files:
make distclean